Services Offered

360° Photography consist of 360° photos which can be used for Virtual Tours.

Virtual Tours can be used for Google Maps Listing or Virtual tours of homes for realtors.

We have also used our 360° equipment on the race track and on small aircraft.

360° Photography

We offer website design.

This includes minor graphic design.

If you would like a 360° Virtual tour on your website this is also available at a greatly reduced cost due to being a package deal.

We can add custom forms that direct straight to your sales team.

We can help design the forms and ask the right questions to help your sales team get the information needed.

Website Design

Google Listings are FREE.

You can however pay to have me help get your business "verified" on Google Listing, Update the correct information on the Google Maps Listing. You are paying for my time and not paying for anything Google Related!

This includes some standard photos. 360° photo's can be added for an additional fee.

We can help add a floor plan to Google maps.This takes a bit of time. You would also need to provide us with the floor plans.

Google Maps Listings

Google Maps listings are free.

If you would like to add or update your Google Maps Listing information but do not know how or it  is not being approved when you try.

Here is a form which will email me the information. I will add your information to my list and when I am near your business I will stop and verify address, phone #, hours on the door or posted inside, Website etc... and update your listing for free or create one if you do not have one. This is a free service I do on my own time and I am in no way paid by Google for this.

I am just trying to help out the small business left here in Tulsa, OK. ( and surrounding area's )

Free Google Maps Listing Update

Are you small business or new business and have no clue what you need? I offer consulting for all of your technical needs.

Do you need a file server?

What about backups? What about the cloud?

There is a lot to think about. I won't give you a whole sales line of "you have to have this" I won't even try to sell you anything. You are paying for me to consult. I will give you a list of options and my recommendation. A list of parts to buy, where I buy them ( mostly online ). I will give you the Pros and Cons of the different paths you can go down. 

I have helped many businesses in the Tulsa area go all digital saving them thousands yearly.

Tech Consulting

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